Natural drinking straws - classic - Ø 0.8 cm x 25 cm

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Disposable drinking straw for hot and cold drinks made from natural fibers.

  • 0.8 mm diameter: ideal for smoothies, shakes and drinks with fruit pieces
  • 25 cm length: for drinking bottles

    Packaging unit (VE) : 200 pieces

Store dry at room temperature.

Product Information

  • Resilience
    The drinking straws have a temperature resistance of 0 to +60°C and do not absorb moisture, i.e. they do not soften and keep their shape

  • Compostable
    Our chemical-free straws can be used after
    Easily disposed of as normal rubbish after use

  • Biodegradable
    Our natural fiber drinking straws decompose
    natural way and thus support a sustainable one
    life cycle.